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The Canterville Ghost Usborne Young Reading

El Fantásma de Canterville, en Inglés, adaptado para niños de 2do nivel. Una divertida historia de fácil lectura.

Características principales

Título del libro CANTERVILLE GHOST,THE – Usborne Young Reading 2 -Hardback
Autor DAVIDSON, Susanna & MARKS, Alan
Idioma Inglés

Otras características

  • Género del libro: Infantiles, Humor

  • Tipo de narración: Cuento

  • ISBN: 9780746080573


The Canterville Ghost is not amused when the Otis family move into his castle, but he is pretty sure he can get rid of them. His rolling eyeball routine and headless hauntings have never failed before. But the Otis family are made of sterner stuff and are just as determined to get rid of the Canterville Ghost himself. Series Two titles are for children who are reading more confidently, and are 64 pages (2000-2500 words) in length. They use varied sentence lengths, more complex sentence structure and more challenging vocabulary. Most Series Two books contain a single narrative divided into chapters. Subjects include classic tales and myths, mystery stories and non-fiction.

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